How to Evaluate an Offer When Selling Your Car

Are you looking to sell your car because of one of the several odd reasons such as moving to a new place, having bought a new car or any other? Then there are multiple decisions you have to make including how you will sell it, what will be your selling price and how will you judge a deal when it comes your way. To guide you through this intimidating journey of selling a car, we have curated a guide! So, read along.

Since you have decided to sell your car the first thing you have to do is decide and come upon a price for it. For this you first need to determine what your car’s net value is. For this you need to sit yourself down and be extremely realistic about your car condition. The value of your car can be calculated considering various factors such as the age of your car, the miles it has, the accident history and the car condition. Based on this you now need to proceed with the next step of doing some research. It includes checking up your local online communities to know the prices of cars alike yours in your community market.

These steps will help you decide the price of your car but that obviously should not be the final price because you still need to add in margin for negotiation so that you get the price you desire! After having done this, you are all set to sell it off!

Now let us have a look at the evaluation of an offer as you decide to sell your car off to either a dealership, an online or offline car buyer.

  • Evaluation of an offer from a dealership:

So here is where you get minimum for your car. This is because dealership prices are calculated as per their norms and the price which rounds up eventually is quite less in comparison to the price which your car is actually worth of fetching. Moreover, dealerships can make hefty profits on these cars by buying them for less prices and selling them at higher. So, if you are okay with trading your car off for a less price just because you are getting a great deal on a new one then you can choose this offer. But make sure you search for a price check online and get a realistic view of the net worth of your car,

  • Evaluation of an offer from a buyer in online market:

With huge buying=selling communities available online these days it is obvious for you to get some of the best price deals on your car online. Whether it is a car selling service or an individual who has approached you online, it is best to have a price outline done before coming to any conclusion. This is because sometimes the quotes of a not-so-good car selling service might be vague. Look for the information they are collecting from you and whether they are going to physically inspect it or not and then decide for yourself. Remember, the lesser the information collected the higher the risk of an improper quote. So, stay away from such car selling companies.

  • Evaluation of an offer from a buyer in offline market:

Listing your car in one of the classifieds or in online communities is a great way of selling your car off at the price which you expect and have rounded off. But how would you know that the buyer who has approached you is serious and not just fooling around. For this, remember that a serious buyer will ask about the technicalities of your car, or maybe a test drive and will actually come to physically check your car out. If they don’t do this then you know that they are not the ones.

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