All of our cars that are imported go through AA or VTNZ vehicle compliance inspection. The vehicles are granted 1 year Warrant of Fitness once the inspection is completed. Inspection sheets are available upon customers’ requests.

After the car is registered, the deal is fully completed. We will not be able to refund the money back to the customer. As registered dealer, we have 90 day mechanical warranty that covers major mechanical problems (engine, transmission, hybrid batteries for hybrid cars etc) from the settlement date. If any vehicle bought from us in the first 90 days incur some mechanical problems, customer have the right to contact us.

The deposit on vehicle purchase, based on the vehicle sales agreement, cannot be refunded. When customers are booking pre-purchase inspection or apply for finance, whether the deposit can be refunded depend on the actual situation:

Customers can decide to book pre-purchase inspection after checking the availability with us, at their own costs. A deposit will be needed if we hold the vehicle for the pre-purchase inspection.

  1. If the vehicle fails the inspection, the deposit is fully refundable. Failing means that the vehicle is in poor condition, or contains mechanical problems.
  2. If the vehicle passes the inspection but the customer needs to cancel the deal due to personal reasons, we need to charge $500 from the deposit.

If customer puts down a deposit and apply for finance, we will submit the customer’s application to the suitable finance suppliers. If customer have provided all the information and documents needed, after we try a few times and the application cannot be approved, we will refund the deposit to the customer. If finance cannot be approved due to customers not cooperating and providing the documents needed, or other personal reasons( change of mind), the deposit will not be refunded.